Enduro Back on the Trails!

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Swinnerton Cycles in Cannock Chase finished my Enduro and I picked it up.

I dropped it off after some trail riding a couple of weeks back after my rear Juicy 5 SL lever went really soft mid ride on some hefty downhill sections.

The reservoir seal had failed so they ordered a and fitted a new one. They said that this can happen when using the bike after it had been stood for a long while [my Enduro had been stored for 12 month prior to me using it].

Also whilst they had it they gave it a good looking over and found the DU Bushes in the frame had play, so installed some nice new ones.

I picked it up today and took it for some great off piste riding, It felt so tight and the rear lever was so light for one finger braking, but very solid and powerful once depressed.

I highly recommend them - Steve will definitely look after your pride and joy.


  • I'm a huge fan of Swinnertons Cannock too (although the "other" Swinnertons is 5 mins walk from my house)
    Steve's done quite a bit of work on my bikes and I rate him very highly. Mark, the owner is the nicest guy in the business too. Kudos to them!