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Chain size and problem

mayonaisemayonaise Posts: 159
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Just to make sure, 1/2" × 3/32" is the correct chain size for a 7-speed cassette right?

Reason I ask this is that I replaced my chain today with a chain this size (as my old one was stretched to hell) and this new one 'slips' on the cogs. It doesn't shift when it slips - just seems like it's skipping a few teeth or something.

It doesn't necessarily slip under pressure neither, just general riding really.

It's weird as my old chain was absolutely fine even though it had been on at least 3-4 years but as soon as soon as I replaced it with a new one it slips.

Any idea's?

Oh also, the chain is 7 speed specific and has a rust proof coating


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    well the 3/32 is the internal size and is the same for most chains upto 9spd.

    it says it is 7spd.

    but ...
    is it clearing the cogs?
    are the cogs worn?
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  • mayonaisemayonaise Posts: 159
    Cogs are worn but what I don't get it how it was fine last night with the old chain on but when I put the new chain on this morning and went for a ride, it was slipping like mad...

    And what do you mean "clearing the cogs?" :)
  • sounds like the cogs are worn, running one chain for that length of time will wear/bend the teeth of the cog as the chain stretches, this will mean that a new chain will not "mesh" with the teeth on the cogs.
    better to have 2 or 3 chains and rotate them every month to lengthen the life of the cogs
  • mayonaisemayonaise Posts: 159
    mmm.. could probably be that thinking about it :?
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