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What material of rim tape do you think is best - rubber, cloth or synthetic? and is there an optimum size? I have 28mm Wheels, the current tape is about 13mm although at times it almost seems to shift a bit and is close to leaving spokes exposed so wondering if I should get a wider size. Thanks.


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    I like Vittoria Rim Tape and Schwalbe. If you want the adhesive type go for Velox.

    From Schwalbe.com:

    Entire rim well covered, tape cannot move

    "..The rim tape must cover the entire rim well. If the rim tape is narrower than the rim well it can slide and expose the spoke holes.

    Alternatively, an adhesive, fabric rim tape can be used on all rims. Slipping cannot occur due to the heat resistant glue. The 19mm wide tape should definitely be used for racing bicycle rims (13C, 14C). The 15mm tape is recommended for the various hollow section and straight side cycle rims, which are often used on MTB and trekking bikes."
  • All rim tape is not the same - check the spec. You will find that the cheaper plastic stuff isn't specced for the very high pressures that good quality tyres can take.

    I've mostly used the Velox adhesive stuff because it stays in place. I am running Rigida DP18 at the moment and I have had to cut the rim tapes narrower.
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    thanks for the tips, I ordered a velox one with adhesive