Reliablity of shimano tiagra 4500 shifters

George_Walker Posts: 56
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I was thinking of purchasing a pair of tiagra 4500 shifters and wondered about the long term reliablity of the shifters over all as I know there was a lot of failures with 5600 shifters but just wondered about 4500s by comparison.


  • sturmey
    sturmey Posts: 964
    Mine have done 6000 miles with no maintenance and are a pleasure to use. Can't tell the difference between these and 5600 on my other bike.
  • after 3 years and about 12k, a couple offs and alot of mud, grit and rain, mine are still going strong
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • topdude
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    I had Tiagra shifters for a few years, no problems and nice to use :D
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