Lower end Campag Ergo help please.

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looking at things like Veloce's or Centaur's.
The blurb says that "Like the Centaur groupset, thanks to the Power Shift System mechanism, it is possible to move the chain by one sprocket in downshifting and three in upshifting." on Parkers site and "Like the Centaur groupset, thanks to the Power Shift System mechanism, it is possible to move the chain by one chainring in downshifting and three in upshifting" on Evans. Guess both are 2010
Anyway the implication from Parkers is that at the rear I can only drop one gear at a time eg from a 21 sprocket to a 23 but can go up 3 ie say 13 via 14 and 15 to 16
Is this correct. Surely not, Thats useless.
Evans say chain rings suggesting its the front that like this.
What is correct? Can't find 2010 officlal stuff.


  • It is correct - up 3 at a time and down one at a time at the rear (up to bigger sprocket, down to smaller sprocket). This isn't useless, it's exactly what shimano do but slightly less than the higher campag groupsets do as the internals are different for them.

    Down one chainring at a time, up 2 (can't move up 3 chainrings unless you have 4 chainrings on the bike).
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    Not sure if I am now confused or not. What you are saying, whilst I am sure is correct, is contradictory. Ie Campag are. .
    Up a gear at the rear means to a smaller one. I see the logic at the front but its the opposite to the true meaning at the back.
    I am to take it that by up Campag mean to a bigger sprocket?
    Sorry to suggest you aren't clear.
    If it is possble to go to 3 larger rear sprockets at a time ie down the gears, then its not so bad. My old 8 speed stuff is better but thats progress.
    Cheers . Might go and buy some then.
  • Was trying to make it simple - up at the rear meant up to a larger sprocket but results in going to a smaller gear. I was trying to make it simple to follow - up from small to big v down from big to small,

    So - the RH lever will move the rear mech from the smallest sprocket to the largest in steps of 3.

    The LH lever will move from the smallest chainring to the ,argest chainring in steps of 2 provided there are 3 chainrings there.

    Each lever will move the chain on to a smaller toothed component at a rate of 1 at a time. Be it a chainring or sprocket.
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    First class advice. many thanks. I have ben spopilt with my ancient R cords' . These will do nicely.
    Sorry if I :oops: sounded stroppy
  • no worries - it is confusing, up block and down gear being the same thing.........

  • I have the centaur carbon "qs" version. 10 speed old shape hood from about 3 years ago. They shift down the block 1 and up 3. The left hand shifts to either chainring but offers no trim , minor adjustments , so spot on initial set up req`d.
    I find these dissapointing as previously i ran chorus 10 speed "qs" 10 speed carbon . Which shift 3 up and 3 down, atleast. The left hand lever also allows trimming. I bought the centaur for a 2nd bike , cheaper but didn`t expect them to work differently.
    I also ran alu 10 speed veloce and centaur from 7 years ago and these work as the chorus.
    Seems like centaur carbon 10 speed "qs" are the odd ones out.
    Nice one campag, frustrating nonsense . Not for the first time either.