problems with garmin 800 in the wet

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so i have had my 800 for about 2 weeks now. whilst it is great and a massive step up from the 500 i have noticed some problems with the touchscreen in wet conditions. went out last night and it was belting down, after about 10mins the touch screen crashed and wouldnt respond. had to turn unit of and back on. seemed ok until it became wet again. this happened over and over.

have emailed garmin to see what they say but just wondered if anyone else had this? any ideas how to fix it? or should i return it?


  • Since it is IPX7 rated, it should be OK, so maybe a duff example? I've just got one, so I'll be interested in their reply
  • I wonder if it was something to do with the impact of loads of raindrops hitting the touchscreen sending it into meltdown,i assume the touchscreen can distinguish between big raindrops and a fingertip touching it,surely these 800,s must have been tested in these conditions, i,m right on the verge of buying one, but at the mo i,m just holding off until some of the bugs get ironed out, thats why i,m interested in posts like yours, to see what goes wrong with them, as the above poster said will be interesting to see garmins response.
  • As kettrinboy says it could be the impact of the rain but is the screen pressure sensitive or capacitive?

    Certainly a good call though.

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  • Pressure sensitive, and it takes a reasonably firm finger-swipe to activate it. I can't see a raindrop impact being enough, and mine's been fine in the wet.

    Occam's Razor: OP has a bad sample and should take it back to the shop.
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    Garmin have great customer service.
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    I doubt if water getting into the unit is the problem. ... tests.html
  • so i have just got up and found i had an email from garmin. it basically says that rain should not be an issue and they imagine the device may be faulty. as its so soon after i bought it they have advised me to return it to the place of purchase, attaching the email they have sent me.

    im gutted cos im going to be without it for a few days now :( but at least i know its not a design fault or anything, so hopefuly the replacement (i trust wiggle will give me a replacement?? - bought it 15days ago) will be fine in the wet.

    thanks for the responses guys.

    will post back how i get on with wiggle
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    There was a link somewhere to some water immersion tests...

    You'll get a new one. Like I said, they look after you at Garmin.
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    kettrinboy wrote:
    i,m just holding off until some of the bugs get ironed out

    The 705 is still buggy 3 YEARS later!
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    100m Yeah right.
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    Have had mine since before Xmas.

    Have been out with it in torrential rain three times now and not a single problem with it. I'd assume you've got a fauly unit.
  • just an update; had a response from wiggle with authorisation to return it. they said they are happy to issue a refund or a replacement, but will have to check the unit first.

    hopefully will have a replacement by end of week. i miss it already!