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Your thoughts please

ScottieR3ScottieR3 Posts: 207
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I have decided that my cervelo r3 race bike needed a tweak, so decided the zipp 404 decals either needed changing or just removing altogether.

I have ready to install some new decals in simple black and White format.

Images are with the original red decals and now with no decals. I actually it looks pretty cool without, but would like to know what think.




Thanks in advance


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  • Simon GSimon G Posts: 41
    I would tend to agree - the bike looks better with the wheels sans-decals. I'd leave it as it is now rather than looking for a Black and white zipp decal.

    For the record, my roadie is quite logo heavy, so I do tend to lean towards the 'plastered in logos' look, but on this occasion, your bike looks really classy with the blank wheels. Anyone looking at the bike will give it that second look too just to work out which wheelset you are riding :wink:
    Simon G
  • Looks better as it is now
  • canbakaycanbakay Posts: 282
    white decals and white striped tires
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  • ScottieR3ScottieR3 Posts: 207

    Thanks for the thoughts, I do agree it looks clean and not so out there!!!! The zipp red decals really stand out but it looks a lot sweeter without.

    Just trying to get a better pic of the bike to show better in the thread
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  • AndyD2574AndyD2574 Posts: 1,034
    without...............looks stealthy!!
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  • nakita222nakita222 Posts: 341
    mavic cosmic carbon stickers.
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Hi ScottieR3...

    It is a trickyone... I have dicked around with different decals / no decals etc and its tricky to get right...

    I think it deffo looks better without than with the red..... but... It may look good with the b&w zipp decals... I think you are going to have to put them on as you have them and then they can always be removed again....

    Another option would be to get a set made (plenty of people on ebay doing them - if you didnt get yours from there) in all black probably gloss to match the gloss black on the frame and a good contrast with the matt rims, I think that would look the nuts!!

  • MRaddMRadd Posts: 205
    Leave without! Looks like you're running a pair of prototype wheels... ;)
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  • Geezer ... Some things matter about a bike; decals really ain't one of those things.

    Question for you: How many pro road cyclists are there out there use an in-line seatpost?
  • ScottieR3ScottieR3 Posts: 207
    edited January 2011
    I dunno I give in how many!!

    It's a seatpost that can be set forward, back or inline so gives me options to play around with
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  • Paul RSPaul RS Posts: 107
    It looks good, but i keep looking at those hoods, white bar tape would be better, or black hoods..
  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    white bar tape to go with the hoods and if you want zipp wheel decals then white lettering with red outline - if no decals then red striped tyres otherwise the red on the bike looks odd and unbalanced.

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  • ScottieR3ScottieR3 Posts: 207
    I've got the same saddle on another bike thats black and white so thats going to be changed, then the only red on the bike is the splash on the bars and stem but i think that works ok, i have had white bar tape and black hoods previously but the table got so grubby to quickly so decided to reverse it, and so far the hoods seem to stay clean and are easily cleaned more so than the white tape was. at the mo i'm liking the plain wheels, might run them like it for a few months and then maybe try the black and white stickers, will post a pic if i decide to put them on.
    RR/Cross/Commuter: kinesis pro6
    Mtb: On One 456
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