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Another pain in the knee thread. Advice needed

fav150fav150 Posts: 5
edited February 2011 in Health, fitness & training
I need some advice on a pain i get whilst riding my bike.
A bit of back story first:- I have a Carrera Vulcan 08 mountain bike. I had a year of riding without any issues and covered approx 1100 miles. I upgraded some components such as cassette, mechs, chainset, spd pedals, cranks set (all of which where the same measurements as the original parts). Riding my bike back from the shop after having had these upgrades done is the first time and i experienced a slight twinge in my right knee. However the pain did not come back for several hundred miles later when i went out to Cannock chase for the day and completed about 18 miles and has bothered me ever since.
These are the facts as they stand:-
The pain occurs in the tendon(?) that runs on the outside of the knee
Its usually in my right knee but can affect my left knee and sometimes at the same time
I have tried adjusting my saddle height, going back to flat pedals, stretching my legs/muscles before riding.
The pain occurs every time i use my bike and normally around 6 miles into a ride, typically i riding bike paths, bridle ways, loose gravel all on flat ground at an average of 11 mph.
There is no swelling
The pain is so bad it stops me from carrying on, it will normally settle down once i get home, the only time its sore is when i use the stairs.
Could it all be down to my bike? (surely not)
I'm at the point now where i'll probably have to give up cycling...
Can anybody suggested anything to help..



  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    see a decent sports physio, whereabouts are you so someone can recommend?
  • fav150fav150 Posts: 5
    I'm in Derby
    Forgot to mention i have been to a physio not a sports one, just through NHS, and have also tried an osteopath. Also MRI scan came back clear too.
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    If the MRI scan came back clear that's probably good; have you ever done any damage to your knee's before? i.e. ripping ligaments. I'd see a sports physio; and ask about patella femoral syndrome. It could perhaps be that.

    Also have a look at this ... me#p637164
  • fav150fav150 Posts: 5
    thanks ollie51 some useful info in that link. no previous pain in my knees, apart from as a child I had perthes disease ( hip needed to be operated on, pain in knee was the symptom, left knee) and also broke right femour. Both of these may or may not be related?
    I will try and see a sports physio and will ask about patella femoral syndrome.
  • Sounds like it could be Illiotibial Band Syndrome? (ITBS)

    I think I have this at the minute :cry:

    Going to see a sports physio soon.
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    ITBS only usually occurs in those who ride lots and only ride. It's cause by one of your quadricep muscle the one primarily used for cyling vastly growing out of proportion with the others thus meaning the tendons are too short causing the knee cap not to track properly causing pain. Have the scans and physio therapy and see how it goes
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    It sounds as though you have the same issue I had at last years Mountain Mayhem. I spoke to a Doctor there and he told me it was my IT band and although it hurt like hell there shouldn't be any permanent damage. I was told by him to give the knee 2 weeks to recover properly and he also gave me an ice pack.

    I see from your upgrades you've install SPD pedals. That was the cause of my pain, I swapped them out for some Time SPD's and all has been well since. To prove this I'd go back to what ever you had before once you've given the knee time to heel.

    Hope this helps
  • DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
    Thought I'd been there done that with this, but back it is again........

    Used to ride all the time when i was young, no probs.

    Started up riding again about 5 years ago, and after a few weeks, started getting exactly the same problems as the OP, which would get worse and sooner on into the ride so bad that it was painfull to walk, basically gave up riding.

    Wanted to get back into riding again (as I do love it) so got myself a bike again last year and tried the slowly slowly approach. Been riding every weekend gradually working up the distance and all has been well, until last week my knee has started giving me twinges etc. again.

    Sounds like I need to get to the physio too.

    For you peeps with the same/similar problems, is this something generally what a physio can sort, or are my cycling days doomed :(
  • Thanks for the replies, I'm still unsure what exact condition i have as several different syndromes seem to match the pain i get in my knee.
    I've had my first session with a sports physio this week. I'll re-post with any feedback.
    I've got stretches and exercises to do at home, the guys a keen cyclist himself and hes give some advice on the correct set up for my bike.
    Fingers crossed....
  • DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
    Fav, would you mind sharing the advice / stretches etc. It may be a help for some of us :D
  • aidsoaidso Posts: 493
    DodgeT wrote:
    Fav, would you mind sharing the advice / stretches etc. It may be a help for some of us :D

    Ditto, if you don't mind. I had similar symptoms last year and went to an NHS physio. My problem was that I had gone to the gym the year before and ripped my hamstrings and when they re-joined (mended?) they joined shorter than before. Therefore each time I cycled I was in pain as they were stretching. He used some sort of blow-torch to heat my hams and then loads of stretching for 6 weeks. Seemed to have done the trick although I think it might have re-surfaced.....
  • DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
    After a bit of searching, on my symptons etc, found this section of exercises

    also got some of these which are so comfy I usually have a dull ache in my right lower back everyday, but not since wearing these. My knees also feel a hell of a lot comfier.
    There's money off them in boots too, there about £18, but can be a lot cheaper off ebay.

    Going to give it a few weeks of exercises and insoles and see how it goes.

    Now i'm not a doctor so use the above at your own risk :wink:
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