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First road bike put together on a serious budget ! - UPDATED

mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
edited February 2011 in Your road bikes
starting riding an old mountain bike after a running injury and got hooked, ridiculous bike envy from watching guys fly past me on their road bikes and i just had to get one ! so this is it, this is my orbea.

it was bought from ebay 2nd hand and needed a fair bit of work to get it going, its been a very steep learning curve fixing and putting it together and ive watched every youtube video and read everything i can, even gone so far as fabricating my own tools for gods sake !

in total it has cost me £300 to get to this stage. the bars, bar tape, seatpost, saddle, brake calipers, wheel set, tyres, inner tubes, headset, some cables and forks are all brand new and the rest is what came on the bike. everything has been bought from forums, ebay and negotiations with a few local shops !

i know its not the greatest bike out there but i absolutely love it :D


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