Cytech Qualification.

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Has anyone done the Cytech course before?

I am seriously considering doing this, not only for my benefit but possibly get a part time job at a LBS.


  • AndyOgy
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    It's pretty expensive if you pay for it yourself.

    See if your local Evans are recruiting. They aim to get staff through the Cytech levels within 2 years of commencing employment.

    A cheaper, nationally recognised qualification is the Weldtech course. Although, being a newer scheme, it's not quite as widely recognised as Cytech.
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    i did one and was disappointed that i had to buy my own lunch and the supplied coffee was the kind that single mums buy. as for the course it was very easy but they were passing everybody, even those who were clueless. when i did it there was a group of 9 of us on the course but only 3 of us had paid the astronomical course fee, the others had got government help through various schemes. i found it very very annoying that one such individual who could not grasp the basics passed with flying colours, no doubt he was destined for halfords.
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    TBH i wouldn't really bother.

    Most lbs will employ someone with practical experience or even just passion on the back of knowing you. You then learn the stuff on the job from the more experienced mechanics.

    The stuff cytech teaches you is rather easy and the skill in being a mechanic lies in knowing how to fix the dross that makes up 90% of a workshops turnover.