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Shimano Saint bleeding

Russ-TysonRuss-Tyson Posts: 44
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all I have a set of Saint M810 brakes fitted front and rear to my bike and they are super powerful but...the lever travel seems excessive... as in you pull maybe a 1/3 of the travel before anything happens.
I havent used Shimano hydro brakes before but have used Hope religiously and always had a solid lever feel.
I have tried the screw on the top for free play and it helps but is marginal and I have bled them how I would normaly which is usually fine.Just to add the brakes are new as well and correctly centered.
The only thing I havent tried is back bleeding them..Should I try it? Thanks Russ.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    sounds like the pistons just need to set.

    when the pads touch the rotor is the lever solid?
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  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    The saints do have a softer feel to them than the hopes, this is because one set of pistons hits the disc slightly before the other set which helps with controlled braking.
    whilst they feel a bit soft when your car park testing. Out on the trail they will feel 100% spot on.

    I found that the free stroke screw hardly did anything on mine.
  • what he said ^
  • Cool cheers guys thats how they feel to me out on the trail :)
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