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Anybody doing Amstel Gold?

HadronCyclistHadronCyclist Posts: 69
edited January 2011 in Tour & expedition
I'm in for the 250 km.... getting a bit worried about those 31 climbs!

Anybody done it before and can offer some advice or reassurance?




  • PieterMPieterM Posts: 167
    It's on my old training roads. The roads are mostly narrow and twisty but generally of good quality. The steepest climb peaks at 22% but that is only for 20 meters. Most of them are between 5 and 15% and about a mile or so long. Street furniture has become a real pain in the last 15 years or so, so be careful if in a pack. Also remember it is not on closed roads and drivers may be (rightly?) upset with 12k cyclists blocking the roads. The key thing to make it to the end is to use the short stretches of recovery between the climbs because a next steep one will be around the corner! I'd recommend to get a DVD of a prior pro edition to get an idea.
    Good luck. It is a great area to ride in with some nice scenery.
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  • weeveweeve Posts: 393
    Did it last perfect and hadnt done any training but was still fine. Long day out but not so hard to keep chugging along. Everyone can speak English so if you want to chat feel free...most people able to grunt out a few words unless they are racing it..lots of "less trim people so not all lean pro wannabes...its a tour not a race.

    Food stops a bit of a free for all but cheerful and well stocked. You'll have fun. Would have done again this year ... but didnt get a spot in the mess of the rush to buy them...and now have to work in US anyway that weekend.
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