Want to start racing but what about my equipment right now?

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Hi everyone,

first post here----

I've found a cycle racing team who are interested in 'recruiting' younger riders and will be getting a racing license to try out some Cat 4 races at a local circuit.

I'm 20, an engineering apprentice and based in the Aylesbury area (Bucks). At the moment I have a Reynolds 653 Condor racing frame with campag parts and an Ambrosio/Hope Pro3 wheelset. I ride fairly regularly, always at weekends and in weekdays and am keen to give racing a go as my friend got into it last year and it sounds like a blast- still going to.

I really have been considering getting a new bike, ideally for more rigidity and less weight, plus I could keep my Condor for a winter training bike.

Shall I get the license and try a few races first before even CONSIDERING spending saying £1500 on a new ride, possibly carbon fibre?

Does anyone here race with a steel frame? I'd also like to know about where I can look into to planning training schedules?

Sorry if this is little long and there are too many questions to answer. But I'm just unsure about HOW much to jump into this




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    don't worry about your bike, get involved and see how you get on, at first it will take a few races just to get used to riding in the bunch, seeing who goes off the front etc

    a well made steel frame with chorus and decent wheels? sounds more than fine for cat4s
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