Which to build up!!!!

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hi all .
i have collected a load of bits up over time and not sure what to go with.
I have so far mavick d521 rims ,hope disc for the front and magura rim break on the rear ,and some fox talas rlc front shocks.
Do i build all the bits up on a marin rift zone dual suspension frame with a manitou rear shock with full gearing .
Or build up a planet x jack flash hard tail with either full gearing or single front ring for a solid ripper ,so many reasons for both ,
just wondering if anyone had any opinions , thanks for your help


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    Firstly, I'd cool it with the crack.
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    Either that or too much Joyce...
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    ??????? thanks
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    Bartimaeus: :lol:

    tom, those would be very differnt bikes; tell the good people here what you want it for, preferably in sentances using punctuation other than exclamaition marks.
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    Brilliant . Thanks for the helpful comments ,very useful .
    ,and perhaps i should of worked a bit harder on my computer grammer sorry .
    It was for generally ripping round on local trials ,woods and a bit of everything ,
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    do you want it for jumping? for this and general p!ssing about: the hardtail will be more fun.

    questions to ask yourself: does either frame have bosses for your rim brake? are your wheels compatible with both rims and disks, if so do you already have a rotor/disc?

    the HT at 1x9 for mucking about on will need fewer componants (and probbaly get away with heavier/cheaper ones) and less maintinance.

    rift zone seems a nice bike though, if you want to put some miles on or do all dayers in the hills would be better.