Dark Peak Mountain Bike Challenge 2011 - BHF

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Just wondered if anyone has done this event before? There are a number of different routes to take and as someone new to both cycling and off roading I'm hoping to have a go regardless of if/when I fall off my bike. I am thinking of doing the London to Brighton off road event which will at least give me some indication to how difficult the Dark Peak event will be. I hope to use this year to build up my biking skills and I plan to start venturing to Cannock Chase when I dusk my bike off from the shed next month. I do live quite close to Sutton Park in Birmingham and I'm not sure if there are any many routes around there or any guys who meet up and don't mind a fat bloke attempting to keep up with them.
Fat dude trying to get fit on a much loved 2010 Fuji Nevada


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    done this event for the first time last year and it was fantastic, initially went it for the advanced route but ended up doing the expert as i felt it was possible, its worth having a ride on the surrounding area first to get an idea of the terrain, i see that you have posted on the slow rides of which i did i ride with them over the peaks last year before the event

    i have also registered for the london to brighton off road which looks intense but judging by the thread on here its worth taking part

    both events are quite close to each other, which gives me another 8 month to get to my peak.....not :lol:
  • That's the plan; to basically use this time to build up both my fitness and confidence on trails and basically bite the bullet for a good cause.
    Fat dude trying to get fit on a much loved 2010 Fuji Nevada