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training literature

monkeyb0ymonkeyb0y Posts: 9
edited January 2011 in Health, fitness & training
Looking for some good training book(s)

I am a mountain biker, so literature along these lines would be better, but any good input would be appreciated.

thanks in advance



  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    For what? Winning elite xc races, finishing a 24 solo?

    The mountain bikers training bible is very good, heavily based on periodisation and planning sessions ahead.
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    John Metcalfe has a book (the torq guy) it's a bit of a read but if you know what your looking for it's easy, good explanations and an example training guide. It tells you not only how but why; which helps you consider whether or not it's viable to take on certain methods of training. It also explains the principles of training etc.. super compensation(why you have rest weeks) the different zones and they're effect when you train in them. I'd say it's aimed at anyone who wants to get fit to the Decent Racer (Sport category).
  • Both the below books are a good read for anyone wanting to improve their mountain biking fitness and also understand the physiology of it all. Take from each book what is relevant for you, worth having as references as well. ... 738&sr=1-2 ... pd_sim_b_3
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    John Metcalfe has a book (the torq guy)

    Matt Hart is Mr Torq?
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    Good tips guys

    Starting racing this year and needed some help in prepping
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    To be honest, no book is going to prepare you for racing. You need to do some races to get a feel for it. Do a race and see how you fare, it'll show you areas for improvement.
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