I've won a GoPro

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I have just been waiting for the comfirmation that it was actually true and it is! I''ve won a gopro and all the associated mounts and kit to go along with it :D My other half had been entering us daily to try and win their daily give away of all the kit they make. I didn't know so was even more suprised when I got the e-mail telling me!
Can't wait to get it and try and attempt to film my biking escapades! Will certainly have to try and get over my fear so I can do it some justice rather than boring tootling down flat tracks :lol:

They're still running the competition so enter it, its free and you may end up as lucky as me :)http://www.goprocamera.com
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    These are really good! We use one for MTBing and motorsport and they're brilliant :D

    Captured this by chance in Afan last year which shows the picture quality (and might make you chuckle...) :lol:

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    I know, its crazy, still can't believe it myself. I should have it by early next week. Was hoping it'd arrive before the weekend as we're off to Stainburn for a play around.

    The quality is amazing isn't it? We borrowed a friends whilst we were out in Morzine last year and got some cool stuff (well of my boyfriend pinning it and me going quite alot slower!! haha!) I'll try and post (when i'm not at work) our edit we attempted so you can have a giggle!
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    something else to add to the want list!

    Well done
  • Well done!

    I've been entering that competition for weeks now in the hope of winning one!
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    It arrived yesterday. just need to figure out how to work it and hopefully will be filming and taking some cool pictures soon! (mostly of me stacking no doubt!!)
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