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sora vs, er, all campag

fred22fred22 Posts: 509
edited January 2011 in Road beginners
my bianchi via nirone has sora shifters because thats the only model I could afford. At first I thought the shifters were fine -I spent most of my time with my hands on the hoods.
Two years on and I loathe them (though the gearing itself has never once troubled me). I have having to move my hand to the top of the bars to press the stupid thumb button to shift gears. So I was amazed to see that all campag shifters have the same thumb buttons that mean you can't change from in the drops. Is it just personal preference because I cannot for the life of me see how anyone would choose this way of shifting on any premium equipment.


  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    I have used Campag for years - never have problem changing while on the drops :?:
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  • fred22fred22 Posts: 509
    how do you reach those buttons?
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    Never used Sora, but maybe the buttons are positioned slightly differently, or have a softer action?
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    The buttons on Sora are poorly positioned, they are perfectly position on Campag and makes shifting easier than the normal Shimano shifting method
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  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    What Red Dragon said. I had Sora and it was censored on the drops. Absolutely atrocious. Went to Campag reluctantly with the thumb shifters, but they're infinitely better placed than the Sora's and suit my small hands nicely.
  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    Try them in a shop - as posted above, the design is quite different to Sora.
  • fred22fred22 Posts: 509
    thanks, i will try them in the shop and see for myself. Did wonder though
  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    I also thought Sora was OK for about a year. When I started racing though it was very hard changing down when on the drops. Bought some 105(5700) shifters and have found them a lot better. The Campag ones do work very nicely though
  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    I had Sora and hated the fact i could not change up on the drops, Campag 10 has the same shift as Sora 8 so you can just swap them and they'll work. Just put the 2 extra clicks at the top end so you don't try pushing the rear mech into your back wheel. The button on campag is in a different position so you can change up on the drops. Also the front has more clicks so you can trim the front mech easier. any problems just ask, I've been running this for 4 years without any problems.

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  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,049
    As mentioned repeatedly on here campag position is much better, drops and hoods are fine.

    Why not give them a go yourself £50 ... 0000000000

    You can always sell them if they're not for you, oh and dont worry about the mixed groupset thingy - I don't :wink:
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  • MartincanMartincan Posts: 188
    Have to agree with the majority on here, never had a problem with my campag. Easy changing on the hoods and drops.
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