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Done another 40 mile ride at the weekend and I've had enough of crippling freezing feet. Gonna bite the bullet and go and get myself some overshoes tonight from Evans on the way home.

I'm currently using SPD pedals/cleats so presumably I need to be looking at MTB overshoes, rather than road ones? Any recommendations...the warmer the better obviously...


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    No need for MTB overshoes. They all have the same hole underneath.

    Neo-prone (prene? - basically stuff they make wet suits out of) is particularly good - waterproof and very very warm.

    Then again, I really suffer from cold feet, and even for me, if the temperature is above 6 or 7 degrees I get VERY sweaty feet.

    I lack experience with other types to comment.
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    oh ok, didnt realise that about the same holes on the bottom.
    Will have a look in Evans Cycles on the way home in that case then.
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    Best solution is to try them on with your cycling shoes to make sure you get the right fit - some styles are easier than others to fit over your shoes. Re MTB vs road - the main difference is the size of the cut-outs - road tend to have smaller cut-outs or just one at the front for the cleat as the're not designed for walking around in. Good makes are Pro and Endura and neoprene is pretty water resistant and wamp when wet.
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    Wouldn't agree on the Endura overshoes. My MTB 500 ones lasted five minutes (well, OK, a little longer than that but they were still terrible).

    I've since bought BBB Ultraflex overshoes which are about £21 from Ribble (down from £35) and made of 3mm neoprene. I've used a pair all winter and they still look like new after a trip through the washing machine. I have reinforced them under the toes with some inner tube glued on as the neoprene can tear.

    However, otherwise they are one of the best products I've bought and I've not seen anything in an Evans that look even close. The ENdura ones are just toys compared to the BBB.
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    Another vote for the Pro brand here.

    Just make sure that whatever you buy have 3mm neoprene on them and you won't go far wrong. A good pair of socks lilke Woolie Boolies will also help.
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    I've used the Endura MT500 overshoes and like the above reviewer don't rate them very highly - the zipper on the left one broke within the first couple of rides, and the overshoes themselves seem misshapen and never really sit properly over your shoes no matter how much you fiddle with them.
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    I got some BBB Heavy Duty Overshoes back in October, they have worked well and kept my feet warm.

    Ebay: BBB HeavyDuty Winter Neoprene MTB/Road Overshoes
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    I am currently using these on my 30 mile daily commute with SPDs

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/pro-endure-h20- ... overshoes/

    really very good. Warm down to seriously subzero temperatures and showerproof.

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    I have a set of these ]http://www.evanscycles.com/products/gore-bike-wear/oxygen-light-windstopper-overshoes-ec016082

    and cannot fault them,go over my Specialized mtb SPD's with no probs at all.

    (Sorry about the link as im completly baffled as to how you are supposed to do it.....)
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    Have a look at this month's Cycling Plus. There're some reviews in there.
    I use the Pro overshoes and they're great. A piece of tape over the vent hole in the sole of your shoes helps keep out the cold air too.
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    I have a set of these http://www.evanscycles.com/products/gor ... s-ec016082

    and cannot fault them,go over my Specialized mtb SPD's with no probs at all.

    (Sorry about the link as im completly baffled as to how you are supposed to do it.....)
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    I agree with the recommendations for the BBB overshoes.

    I have a pair of the aqua shield overshoes. Been using the same pair now for 2 winters and they work extremely well. Very happy with them.
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    I had some neoprene Pro Bike Wear overshoes for Christmas. They are the best I've had by a long way, came back from a 50 miler in 2 degrees with sweaty feet and they also keep the spray out well (haven't worn them in the rain yet).
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    I've got some Pearl Izumi Barriers and they seem pretty good. My feet get freezing so pairing these up with some Woolie Boolies helps a lot. Haven't got them wet yet so can't comment on effectiveness in the rain.
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  • Best to try before you buy if possible. I've got some Pro tarmac NPU+ (neoprene road).
    After reading advice I bought one size up from shoes (Specialised bg) due to the MTB sole, even with the extra room they are still tight to get on/off.
    In action I can highly recommend them, lovely warm toes, even after 2 and half hours yesterday feet still felt great. Combined with a pair of merino walking socks.
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    Cheers for the suggestions guys. I'll have a more detailed look before spending some cash...
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    My MT500's have lasted 3 years of infrequent use on the MTB however for the road I'd recommend Pro Tarmac NPU+, worth the money IME