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anybody wanna do some rides round broxbourne day or nite,tues thurs ,sundays or when you free.its very muddy at the mo,but there r some really good trails for upping your skills.let us from borehamwwood ,dont mind picking up as you can trow bike in me van.lets usno you dunno wot ya missing.cheers lee


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    There is already a Broxbourne thread on here, do a search.

    Correct English and no text speak are the rules of this site.
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  • get a life gezzer, just cos you sit in front of ya computer every day,not everyone does. and yeah i no theres a tread ,im starting a new,another one, so if you dont want to ride,dont write
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    So you've now revealed your true self, not one insult in my post only facts.

    I see that in the past the mods have pointed out the same thing.

    As for sitting in front of my computer, that is no business of yours, plus this site wouldn't be what it is if lots of others weren't doing the same thing.

    As for riding I do plenty of that, don't want to come on your ride because you might get upset by a 60 year old out riding you.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • grow up old fart
  • re:robert growing up NEVER hes a big kid when hes on his bike and yes he may be old but can still out ride us all :lol:
  • hi folks
    whats broxbourne like at the moment, thinking of going up wed!
  • was there on sunday and was Very muddy as is everywhere at mo.still a cracking ride though ,no some good trails ,you heading up there wed nite,i go thrusday nite we could hook no farmers boy in brickenden?
  • can do thursday in the afternoon if you can!
  • no can do working nite bout 7.00,7,30 let us no if can do or sunday morning if you prefer?
  • no probs, didn,t make it out today so weather permitting i,ll do pm tomorrow, with regards to sunday it would hav to be early what time you thinkng? pm me if its easier
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    my mate cav rides broxbourne loads. i rarely get a chance nowdays
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    go'a be going for a spin nxt sun if any1's about if be leaving from the huntsman about 1030ish dont exspect alot of uphill riding from me thou
  • Just to let guys know im from hoddesdon, went down to the brox woods last week and the condition is pretty shocking at the moment.

    Lots of quad bikes and petrol bikers been around the wood and causing people a pain in the arse and some locals want bikers banned...insert no cycle bikers please....

    anyhow conditions were pretty shocking, horses mainly roughed it up with the bikers and even with mud tyres it was near impossible to get any sort of grip in the mud....

    going to try get into woods again this week when possible, pray the rain stays off and those B*** dont go into woods with their quads...insert next time bring a big stick to hit them with :D
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