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Rollers and track tubs/tyres

AlanWAlanW Posts: 291
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As a recent convert over to rollers from the turbo, let me start by saying that I now have a set of the CycleOps rollers with the aluminium rolllers.

Now for the question, I have noticed that after an hour on the rollers the tyres on both wheels have a distinct silver colour to them, obviously picking up "something" from the aluminium rollers?

Of course this isn't a problem when using my road bike, but I'm slightly worried/concerned about the my best track wheel/tub combination when warming up/down at the track.

Given this "silver sheen" that is being picked up from the ali rollers, would it be fair to assume that it would be best to clean/degrease the tubs before going onto the track after warming up?

Of course I am naturally concerned that with this "whatever" it is on the tubs, I am going to slip on the banking!!

I have tried cleaning/degreasing the rollers, but it made no difference?

Anyone else experience the same problem with ali rollers?
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  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    I use Minoura AL rollers at the track and I’ve not experienced this phenomenon.

    If you’re worried about any residue being deposited on the tubs, give them a quick wipe down with slightly diluted white vinegar before you head out on the boards.

    I wouldn’t recommend using anything else (manmade/chemical) as it’s likely to leave a greasy residue or could damage the tubs/glue.
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