future grapeshot and intelitxt

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have all of a sudden started to cripple my use of this site in IE. I've not changed any settings and control my updates yet the site is suddenly slow and pages hang for ages waiting for either/both of these two.

I've even downloaded firefox thinking it might be an IE thing but FF is even worse for it.

Jon S is hapy to point at Undercover Elephant and say its his browser/PC. If thats the case then might one of the more computer savvy amongst you let me know why mine has suddenly and apparently spontaneously developed thie same problem and what I (user not tecchy minded) do to restore BR to ists former speed and accessibility?

Whilst I'm at it, I use a Toshiba netbook & IE is unique in that once the message window is full and I'm still typing - the text jumps to the top of the page so that it is impossible for me to see what I'm typing, I can stop and scroll to the bottom but as soon as I hit any key, it jumps to the top again. Tried it in opera and FF now and there is not the same issue - is there some optimisation in IE that I'm missing or does your site codify differently for different browsers? It even works properly on my mobile HTC Desire browser. I know iths must be an IE thing but just for your info/response if this is a known thing and theres a quick solution. Ta


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    what version of IE?
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    The grapeshot and intelitxt addresses are always displayed in the bottom corner of my Chrome screen when it hangs as mentioned here
    Normally pages load so quickly, I dont get to read what the browser address is before the little box goes away.
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  • nicklouse wrote:
    what version of IE?

    IE 8.0.6001.18702 for the full version no.

    The full window issue has been a feature since I got this PC ~12 months ago and its had the usual MS upgrade rounds so it seems generic to IE8.

    Opera & Latest Firefox don't do the same thing