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SRAM X0 rear mech damage

baserbaser Posts: 127
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Was out for a ride last week when the jockey wheels stopped spinning, ended up ripping the mech hanger off the frame and made all sorts of horrible noises.

Have replaced the mech hanger but I now getting ghost shifts through the rear cassette, spent ages fiddling but cant get it right.

Have just noticed the carbon lower part of the mech has a slight 'chip' in it, doesn't look straight anymore.

Could this be the cause of the ghost shifts?

Have had a look on the SRAM web site which lists part number 00.0000.200.894 as the lower part for the mech, but I dont need the whole thing just that one piece of carcbon. If it is this that is causing the problem will I need a whole lower mech replacement or will I be able to get the individual part?

PS does anyone know where to buy this part?




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    sounds more like a bent hanger have you checked the alignment of the new one?

    and you did reset the gears?

    not worth getting a new lower cage assy from Sram.
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  • baserbaser Posts: 127
    Thanks for that Nicklouse, have taken it to bits straighted the hanger (not sure how a new hanger is bent but there you go) and put it back togeather and its working.

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