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Can any Felt owners shed some light on the sizing of the F range?

I'm 6ft and in my browse for a new bike I looked at a few of the Felt range today. The guy in the shop said I would be a 54 which I found quite bizarre. I wasn't in a position to take a bike for a test ride but fully intend too. The bike felt low down but the reach seemed fine.

Was interested to hear from any Felt owners on what size they have.



  • moonshine
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    i'm 5'7" and have a 30" inside leg and ride a 07 Felt F3 - in a 54 cm... it has a 545mm top tube and 545mm seat tube and i use a 110mm stem.

    assuming their geometry hasn't changed radically since then, i'd say the 54 would be way too small and you would be better looking at a 56 or 58

  • sopworth
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    Thanks Moonshine,
    Can't understand why the guy was so insistent that a 54 was the size for me. This was a very reputable bike shop also.
    Thanks for your response.
  • mooro
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    i bought a felt fa frame from merlin a few weeks ago and they fit just like an american bike really. I am about 6'2 with long legs and a size 60cm suits fine.

    It really hacks me of when guys in a shop just try and peddle the stock they have. my mate bought a cheap mtb to take the kids out and its 19" frame and he is barely 5'5 - bizarre!
  • Paul RS
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    As suggested, 56 minimum for a 6' er. I'm 5 10" and ride an AR1 in a 54.

    See here, Felt recommend 58/60.. http://www.feltbicycles.com/USA/2011/In ... g.aspx#6-0

    Great bikes by the way, wouldn't swap mine for anything else at the moment..