Sick of feeling ill

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Mutter Mutter

Yesterday I came across a much neglected MTB lurking in the dining room, it scurried back into the corner and went back to sleep!- I never realised bikes liked to hibernate!

I have had enough of feeling rotten- I have a dodgy immune system and so far have managed to ricochet from impressive cold with sinusitis, straight into flu (probably with a hint of Oink) and then just as I thought I had shaken that (after antibiotics and GP muttering about getting close to pneumonia) I found another cold.....(is the human body really meant to produce things that shade of green???)

My trusty Trek steed thinks its retired, my activity level is currently dire- did manage a 1 mile walk with the dog yesterday, first in weeks.

Mutter mutter- at least the weather has been rotten too, its worse if ill in the summer!

Whinge over, just needed to have a good moan!
Off to take Berocca, and lemsip.....
Wheeze..... Gasp..... Ruddy hills.......


  • Know what you mean.

    Seem to bouncing from cold to sore throat to whatever next myself.

    And in between when I do get back on the bike its like I've never ridden before as I pant along on the flat.

    tis depressing but it passes eventually .............
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    I wish I had the excuse of being ill but I've just been lazy. Have spent the past month playing the PS3 instead of going out and getting some (albeit freezing) fresh air and exercise :(
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    i had the flu over christmas.generally im never ill but it knocked me for six i have never had such bad headaches and i was totally wiped out its only the last few days that i have felt normal and even now i still have a bit of a cough.
    i wont joke about man flu ever again.
  • I got the lazy syndrome too, cant blame it on feeling ill.

    I walk the dogs a couple of miles a day but thats been it. Since june I have done a massive 3 miles on my bike!!!! Impressive eh :lol::lol:

    My house is currently a building site and my kitchen isnt a kitchen, its bare brick and concrete floor but its a great place to keep the bikes.

    I did actuall touch them today, felt good but only moved them about to block the cat litter tray in to stop the dogs eating the contents :shock:

    Ive been off work all week to and had good intentions of getting out each day, just short local ride through the woods to begin building myself up again but it hasnt happened.

    I have no excuse I am 8 miles away from one of the 7stanes, so need a good ass kicking and need to get out.
    Cold icey snowy weather and bed seems too temting all day.
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    It's been so long since I've been out on my bike I'm thinking I might need a set of stabilisers when I do. Bad weather, illness and coursework deadlines have kept mine snug (and gathering cobwebs) in the garage... last outing we had together was Afan/Brechfa/Cwmcarn long weekend in September :(

    The really galling thing is that when I rode those trails I felt really confident and happy and was flying down them, and I just know when I get out again I"ll be all of a wobble and slow and nervous again.

    Unlike you mobilekat, I haven't even been able to take our dog out for a walk as he had an operation on his rear leg before christmas and has been on total houserest with no walks for 30 days! I have got slow and lardy over the festive period and I don't like it!

    Bring on the spring/sunshine/lighter evenings, I say....
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    Hello ladies :D

    Yep, nasty case of lazy-itus here too.... :oops:

    Been riding a fair amount over Christmas, but too many mince pies and a cough that has been hanging around for weeks have conspired to make me even slower than usual.

    And my answer to this? To enter my first MTBing race in 2 weeks time :shock: It seemed like a great idea a while ago but I am really starting to regret it now - apart from anything else, lycra just isn't that forgiving for all those photos now is it :wink::lol:

    I am consoling myself that wherever I come (assuming I finish it!), there will be lots of room for improvement later in the year!!!
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  • suzyb
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    I'm already down to to the Etape Caledonia in May :?

    ofc now I have a good excuse for not going out, the snow is back.
  • gb2gw
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    Go you missnotax! What's the race and how far Dyou have to cycle?

    Heard Scotland had got dumped on by the white stuff again suzy, how much have you got?
  • suzyb
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    We had about an inch fall on Friday night then another cm or so yesterday afternoon :(
  • Dumfries area had about 3/4 inch at the mo :x

    Bored of it now
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  • suzyb
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    I don't mind so much now as I'm back working on site in the clients office as of tomorrow. The snow means I wont spend half the day staring out the window wishing I was out on my bike.

    Do regret not making full use of the brief thaw though.
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    Oh thank god it isn't just me, I have a bit of A, B and C. Lazy-itus, Ill and course work. I've been given a well loved TREK from someone, it's been well used and in need of some TLC, so I'm waiting now for the weather to pick up (if it ever does), to do it up then hopefully be out and about again.

    Hope you guys (gals) are all better now 8)