Best shifters, chain, cassette for specialized sirrus 2009?

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Hi everybody!

I would like some advice as I need to get new shifters, a new chain (and possibly a new cassette) for my monster (Specialized Sirrus 2009), a hybrid which is almost a road bike.
I've had the bike for 2 years now. I've used it to commute almost every day (around 6 miles per day) so I think it's about time...

You can find the specs here: ... e-ec016920

First of all, I am going to change the original shifters, which are not working properly.
They are Shimano Revo, 8-speed twist shifters.

I was recommended to get some thumb shifters which are supposed to be more reliable than grip ones.

My budget is not excessively high, but I don't want to get something very very cheap.

Secondly, I need to change the original chain (KMC Z-51 8 speed). I am considering a SRAM. Anyadvice is more than welcome.

Lastly, I am contemplating gettting a new cassette, if I find a good deal. The original one is a Shimano HG-40, 8-speed, 11-32 tooth range
Again I would really appreciate it if you could give me some recommendations.

Thanks a lot!!


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    Hi, if you need new shifters, chain and cassette then you might as well upgrade to 9 or 10 speed for little extra cost :D
    There will be more choice than old 8 speed bits and your old rear mech will work ok if not too worn.
    I suggest you get a new Sram cassette and chain and new or used shifters.
    Check out Chain Reaction for good prices on new parts and Ebay for new / used parts.
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  • Any Shimano or Sram 8speed cassette and chain will work. The more expensive you go the shinier chain you'll get and you get marginally better shifting. For a 6 mile commute I doubt you'd know any difference.

    Thumb shifters are no more reliable, however better quality shifters may be. My Sram Attack (good quality) twist shifters are years old, done 10,000miles of commuting and work spot on.

    You could 'upgrade' to 9 speed, but i'd avoid 10speed, Flat bar 10 speed equipment is not so common at the moment and therefore excessively expensive.
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    Iv'e just converted my sirrus pro from flat bars to drops, got 9 speed shifters, triple chain set (less BB) vee brake calipers, shimano 12/27 cassette, Easton carbon flat bars, mail me if interested