How tricky is the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase?

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Hi Ladies

I am going to ride the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase for the first time and would like some opinions as to how difficult it is as I am thinking of taking a friend who is new to mountain biking (ie. has ridden off-road once or twice before but never on anything particularly technical). My friend is pretty fit but as I say does not have any experience of riding anything technical. Would the Monkey Trail be a good introduction to proper mountain biking or is it too technical for a beginner?

How does the Monkey Trail compare to the Follow the Dog or the red trail at Sherwood Pines?

Are there any obstacles that cannot be rolled over?



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    The Monkey is a step up from Follow the Dog, however, if you have done the new final section of Follow the Dog (which opened at the same time as the Monkey) then you'll know what to expect as it's pretty similar. Although there are no drops like the Werewolf drop.

    Everything on the Monkey trail (except the optional Black bits) are very rollable and if there is anything that gets a bit too much can be easily walked.

    One thing I would say is currently due to the big thaw after the heavy snow/ice, the trails are pretty muddy and are cutting up badly. It has snowed again this morning (although not sure how much the actual chase got) and heavy rain is predicted for later, therefore, it can only get more muddy any boggy and some people are staying clear to give the trails time to dry out.

    So, in answer to your question, why not give it a go! 8)

    Hope this helps and have fun!
    Craig Rogers