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I have bought a box for a trip to Spain and 2 locks to keep my pride and joy from shifty fingers.They are key operated locks and the penny has just dropped-what if I lose the keys! Would I be better getting combination locks or am I just being paranoid.


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    i so read that as boll ocks !!
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  • I always go for combination locks as I have a habit of loosing keys
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    insure it

    i just put some cable ties through the latches on mine, and some loops of nylon cord through a hole that links the two halves, enough to make it slow/fiddly to open

    if a thief has time and privacy a lock won't make much difference, and if security want to look inside they might break locks or block loading
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    Get some of the new combi locks that have a special key slot on the bottom that only customs have access to - that way they can open the lock without breaking it & then put it back so you won't even know they've done it
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    CarleyB wrote:
    i so read that as boll ocks !!

    You need to get out of the house more.
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    To make sure you don't lose the keys, place them inside the box before closing.

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