Recommend me some rims (or factory built wheels) 37c, discs

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As the thread title says really.

I want some nice (strong, lightish so not cheap) 700c wheels that will take a 37c tyre, work with disc brakes and be capable of the odd towpath or similar excursion.

Not sure where to start so interested in ideas for factory built wheels or for rims that I could get built up on an XT hub or similar.

Thanks in advance.


  • PeterBL
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    I'm guessing you need a 135mm hub in the rear, since you are suggesting XT. Basically any 29'er MTB wheelset for clinchers will do. Since you want to run 37mm tyres, a rim wider than a road rim is a good idea (17 or 19mm internal width).

    If you want to build your own wheelset (or have somebody do it for you), I would get a disc rim. You could you any rim of the right diameter, but a rim with no brake surface looks better. Not knowing your budget, here is two Mavic rims suitable for your project. Both will make strong wheels, but the more expensive one is a bit lighter and would probably have a nicer finish. ... elID=36242 ... elID=23208 (could be cheaper elsewhere, I just knew CRC had both).

    For hubs, Shimano are good value, and if XT fit your budget, go ahead. Be aware of the difference between 6-bolt and centre lock though.