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Mountain Bike on Rollers

mickedwards61mickedwards61 Posts: 175
edited January 2011 in Road beginners
Hi, first time post on this side of the Bike Radar site, I am coming to the dark side, or from depending on which way you look at it! I have been out on a borrowed road bike a few times, and loved it, so I will be buying a road bike around in a couple of months once I have some spare money to fund it!

In the meantime, I have gone completely off mountain biking after becoming really bored with the same old trails around my local area. I was thinking about using the mountain bike on some rollers to try and keep active, has anybody got any personal experience of doing this?

I have tried googling it, but not much joy. I am aware I would need to stick slicks on it, which isn't a problem, just after seeing if anybody has tried it, and with what success.


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