FFWD Wheel - Bearings

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So I bought a F6R-c front wheel from Fast Forward no more than six months ago and the bearings have failed already.

Should I be annoyed and go after them or should I just take it on the chin.

I have used the wheel a fair bit but not over star ship miles. I would say probably about 2000.

I dont have any real idea about how long the bearings should last.


  • It's not the mileage but rather then quality of the bearings and the conditions they have been used in. Some wheels such as US Zipps have bearings that are not suited to the UK conditions which is why UK Zipp hubs have different bearings fitted, or at least that's what Saddleback reckon.

    If they have been really well maintained and kept clean and debris free I'b be mildly annoyed, especially if the rear bearings are fine. Maybe speak to whoever you got it from and see if they have had any similar problems?
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    It'll probably cost no more than a tenner to buy a pair of decent replacement cartridge bearings
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..