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hello everyone!

im new to the MTB world i have just bought a Carrera 24speed 2008 model of my mate. I tried this out over the weekend and found when riding it the chain doesnt fall onto the lower cog at the front, is this something i can sort myself by adjusting the mechanism just above?

I look foward to any suggestions, Thanks James.


  • bails87
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    Yes you can, and I'd recommend you learn how to sort out your gears in case you need to do it again.

    It could be due to too much cable tension, a snag/friction in the cable (so you need new ones) or the limit screw not being set right.

    Have a look on the Park Tool website for how-to's.

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    Have a look on YouTube here for videos on how to adjust your front derailleur.
    It's all about setting the high and low stops, then the cable tension.

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  • Thanks for the advice, i will look into that.

  • Thanks mate, ill look into that and have a go. ill let ya no how i get on.

    thanks James