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Hello All

Looking to build a bike from a Surly Pacer frame, since I want to go with Shimano 105 groupset, and it only comes with Tiagra.

The frame and fork costs about £350, and I can get Shimano 105 groupset for about £450, which means a total of £800 before adding in the rest of the components.

Looking to spend £1400-1500 in total for the build, preferably on the lower side of that range - does anyone have any recommendations for wheels (which would be compatible with 700x28s) and the other components?

Not done this before so any help would be really appreciated.



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    I would go with handbuilts. If it is for commuting, consider a dynohub. 105 hubs are great, but Tiagra aren't bad either. Spokes should be double butted, and rim of your choice. Rigida Chrina the cheapest I would consider, but should be fine. If you want to be able to run 32mm's as well, consider a wider rim than a road rim (17mm internal width).

    You'd need deep drop brakes (which Surly call standard reach), wouldn't you? At least Surly recommend it. Get some Tektro R538 and swap the pads for Koolstop or Swissstop. Sell your new 105 brakes (which are short reach in Surlys terminology), and it won't cost you anything.

    Saddle is personal preferences, but seatpost, stem and bar should be same brand, I think. Ritchey and FSA both do bits at fair prices.

    SKS mudguards if you want that.
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    Shop around for your 105 groupset. £349 is a good price online at the moment.
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  • Merlin cycles have got 105 for £349 at the mo.