Keep going with the base miles?

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Got my first race(s) in early/mid april, just wondering when should I stop doing the base miles and start adding in hill climbing, interval etc. I thought February. I've been doing base miles (60 miles a week on an mtb) for a month and a half now.


  • Whats the race you are training for? Have read quite a few training articles that suggest base training is effective for 8-12 weeks. So I would say that you could keep making aerobic endurance fitness gains for another month and a half. It also depends on your current fitness level. Maybe keep working on your endurance but put one hard day in there somewhere (a fartlek session or something), then use February/March to really start focusing on race specific fitness. Hope this helps
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    Erm, I'll be doing MSG and The latter Welsh series races. Hoepfully! So relatively short and less than an hour.

    In terms of current fitness I'm just below where I was at the end of the season but the training was spontaneous last time around rather than the predetermined sort I do now. I don't how fit I actually am but my VO2 max is/was (as of july) 66 and Resting heart rate is 58 (I'm 15) I'm not sure how the stats would look in perspective.