Seatclamp types & carbon rails?

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Can I use a post like this with my carbon railed saddle? ... EDASPIN282

or does the clamp have to be one like this? ... K:MEWAX:IT


  • Monty Dog
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    You can use either with a carbon rail. but obviously have to be careful to not over-tighten the screws. However, some posts like the new 1-bolt Ritchey or 3T Palladio that clamp the rails side-on need to use the right-shaped clamps
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  • sungod
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    of the two i'd sooner use the deda one as it looks like there's more surface area supporting the rails, not so keen on the narrow top clamp arrangement, gives me a mental image of carbon rails being crushed, probably irrational and it'll be fine though :-)

    carbon rails are often a lot taller than metal ones, and in the seat post section, deda's instruction manual says...

    "All Deda models are only designed to house 7 mm diameter round saddle rails."
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