Problem with gears

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Hi there,

Not sure what I have done wrong but...
I removed both the jockey wheels to clean them and have installed them back as they were but now when i am in the middle or large cog at the front and on the last 3 cogs on the rear this happens.

Its as if it is missing a cog or some thing.
The rear jockey wheels i think need new bearings but would that cause that?


  • Andy B
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    You do know that there are top & bottom specific jockey wheels. The top one has some float in it to aid indexing.

    Did you do anything else apart from remove the jockey wheels?
  • Yes i took one off sorted that, then the other one making sure i didnt get them mixed up.
    No didnt do any thing else and every thing was ok before hand.
    It has to be some thing i did with the wheels..

    Does the top one have a barrel bearing? it looked like it did and that was dead as that was tehreason why i took them of as that one did not spin very wheel. The botom on just seemed to have a barrel, not a barrel bearing..... or am i talking completly out of me butt???

    Im very new to trying to service my bike like this so please be gentle!!
  • Salsa
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    You've put the rear plate back on the wrong way round.
  • njee20
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    Aye, the rear mech's been assembled wrongly. The little tabs are to keep the chain in place, the back plate is upside down.
  • ah shite, knew i had done some thing wrong just was not sure what...
    So the cae that goes around them, the one at the back (if looking at it from cog side) is the wrong way up... will have a bash tomo in daylight and see what happens.
    Thanks guys.
  • Andy B
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    That'll teach me for not looking at the vid whilst on my phone, now I'm at the pc I can see what the real issue is, yup it's the backplate fouling the cassette due to incorrect assembly.
  • LOl andy never mind. Thanks again guys.
    Next home maintenance is the wheel bearings! Wish me luck!
  • Thank you every one, you were all correct! All sorted now.