is it worth it?

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hello everyone.

been cycling for about 2 years now and loved it ... up until the end of the summer 10. since then i seem to have lost all motivation and take no pleasure from biking.

i went out last week and actually hated every minute. i felt i had nothing in me which didnt help, but i found myself asking the question; why the hell am i doing this?

went out again today in the hope that something might have changed. was about 10miles from home and had a front wheel puncture, repaired it and carried on, less than a mile later i had another this time rear wheel. luckily i had taken 2 spare tubes (last time i ever use krylion tyres btw). so carried on with freezing hands and feet and eventually made it back. but i still didnt enjoy it.

starting to wonder what the point is. it used to make me feel good and i loved competing, but that seems lost on me now. what has changed i dont know, but i dont enjoy any aspect of it at the mo. and yet, to confuse the situation even more, i find myself looking at bike stuff i would love to get, and looking at upcoming races.

anyway, just thought i would put this up to see if anyone else has experienced this?
also a heads up, keep an eye on the classified section and on ebay, may well be a focus cayo 2010, a boardman road comp, and a garmin 705 listed pretty soon.



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    I myself have gone through the same thing both with cycling(MTB) and Carp fishing,but i always come back to it.

    I have always found the best thing to do is take a break and concerntrate on something else and when the time is right you will come back....

    Most important piece of advise i can offer is NEVER EVER SELL ANY OF YOUR EQUIPMENT as you will kick yourself in the long run....

    And dont forget it's not long until the spring and riding is so much more enjoyable when there is a bit of sun. :)

    Hope this helps......
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    It might not be much help but I keep my love for cycling going by doing 95% of my riding on my commute, if I ever feel a lack of motivation I use the train into London, at which point I quickly want to get back on the bike :lol:
  • winter blues...everybody gets it
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    "I felt I had nothing in me" - is that just while on the bike?
    I went through a similar situation last year and went to the doctor for a checkup. Turned out I had mononucleosis :shock:

    Big H

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    Not that unusual to lose your mojo sometimes, especially at this time of year. How about this under your helmet till spring is here. :)
  • acidstrato wrote:
    winter blues...everybody gets it

    wish it was the winter blues. thing is this started at the end of the summer. i had ridden through the first half of the year but by sept i was fed up of it tbh. i assumed it would pass and did take a couple of weeks off the bike, but even when i returned i felt the same.
    its almost as if i want to ride when i at home, but as soon as im on bike i hate it. cant even bring myself to use the turbo as well.

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    Like upperoilcan said, maybe a break from riding will do you good in the long run. Were you riding on your own? Maybe riding with a group or even just a partner will motivate you a little bit more to get out there and ride. I know when I first started, riding for hours on my own was no problem, but after a while it got a bit harder. Meeting up with others and having some company on the ride makes it much more enjoyable. I hope this phase passses for you soon as. If you love cycling it will not be long before you are back on your bike with a big smile on your face. Good luck.
  • As has been mentioned a break or a change of riding buddies may help but I would strongly advise against getting rid of your gear - its the worse thing I ever did and I'm still having to collecy kit two years on.

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  • thanks for all the advice fellas. i really hope this feeling will pass. i can remember how much i used to love riding, especially in the summer 09, and i just hope that it will come back.
  • unixnerd
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    Wait until spring, always help :-)

    Wish things would de-ice a bit up here so I could get out. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    Another factor is if your pushing yourself too hard or chasing that high average speed. I find if I train too much or try to take it to the next level all the time you lose motivation and interest.

    Cycling should be enjoyable, maybe not every ride but even on the harshest of rides I am always glad when I get home looking back. Take it easy, find some relaxing scenic rides or as others have said take a short break.

  • Omar Little
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    If you have access to a mountain bike then try that out and hit a few off road trails - it will add a bit of variety to your riding and then when you go back on the road bike after that you'll really notice the speed and responsiveness and likely fall back in love with road riding too.
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    take a stroll into any macdonalds and take a look at the fat mess that the average bloke in this country aspires to become and if thats you then yes , sell your gear , if its not get out on that bike and get cycling , should be all the motivation required .
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    You're clearly trying to find the old love you used to have, hence the post on the forum, but if it's not fun anymore, then do stop.

    What I wouldn't necessarily do is immediately through things away.

    Give it a good year and a half before you sell it.

    What might happen is you suddenly fancy it, come mid-june, and before you know it you've ridden 1000km in a fortnight.

    But do stop. If it's no fun, do stop.
  • Paul E
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    I lost my get up and go after riding when I was coming down with a bad head cold and I felt like I had taken quite a few steps back fitness wise, I felt so slow and lethargic, but today I started to commute in again now I am better and back to work, fingers crossed it comes back.

    Today was a bit hard but thats too be expected.
  • I've got a perfect solution for you which I've stumbled upon by accident.

    Put your bike away for a month or so and spend that time off down the gym on a stationary bike.

    You'll soon want to get on your road bike asap. I can't wait to get back on my bike after being in this predicament. :)
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    Another suggestion is actually to buy MORE kit

    I was off the bike for nearly 3 months when my son was diagnosed with cancer. Really wasn't up for starting again - especially since it was, by then, December in the Highlands (dark from 3pm to 9am). So, I bought myself a secondhand Cayo and that was what I needed to inspire me again.
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    You get the impression from some posters on this site that you have to rack up the miles week in week out regardless of the weather and whether you feel like it or not. If you are a recreational leisure cyclists that simply doesn't have to be the case. No harm in cycling being your spring/summer hobby.

    I'm currently recovering from a dislocated shoulder having come off on black ice. I probably won't be cycling again until early spring and tbh I'm not that bothered. I hope to do the Norwich 100 in early June which gives me a specific training goal and motivates me enough to get on, and usually enjoy, my bike. Perhaps set yourself a similar challenge. Also consider joining a club. Being amongst like minded people might help you.

    Another point, are you comfortable on your bike? An a#se numbing jarring ride is hardly going to inspire you.
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