Shoes and Pedals needed..

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Hi Guys, i have just ordered a Boardman Pro Carbon and i am after some shoes and pedals.

I was hoping to get some shoes in black and yellow to match the bike. (although i am more concerned with comfort and performance). The shoes i were looking at are specialized sport road shoes

and i found these pedals - Shimano 105's for £39

Any advice / other reccomendations?

Also are these shoes and pedals compatible?




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    If you've just ordered the Boardman Pro Carbon, I'm surprised you didn't cash in on the bundle deal and get the Shimano SPD-SL PDR 540 Pedals for an extra £15.40.

    Okay, they might be quite as good as the 105 pedals, but they're only 5g heavier and you'd have £24 more to spend on shoes.

    I'd contact Halfords to see if they'll add the pedals in as a bundle deal.

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    Whatever you do, try before you buy with road shoes if at all possible. They seem to come up narrow. Then think about what conditions you are going to ride in and how thick your socks are going to need to be too.

    I use Shimano R086 which I like a lot (for the money) for the summer months and then the RW80s for winter because the R086 shoes are just too well vented for cold & wet weather.

    Also noticed these in the reviews ... s-09-34488

    See they are 09 though. They do at least have the black & yellow (and don't only come in white).

    Don't skimp on shoes or shorts...
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  • save up some extra money and invest in some speedplays they are mint. i think that pedals and shoes are as important as a good saddle. i have used spd sl and look keo pedals all were good but the speedplays are a world apart happy shopping
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    Spesh and Shimano shoes are both good. I think Shimano do two width fittings these days, which might be handy.

    You can go for a variety of pedal types - SPD-SL, Look, Eggbeaters, Speedplays, SPDs and so on. Some are two-bolt fitting (eg. SPD) some are 3 (SPD-SL). So you'll need a shoe which has the right number of holes for the cleats/pedals you plan to use. Having said that, some shoes can handle both 2 and 3 bolt cleats.

    If you do a search you'll see that pedal choice is much like saddle choice - personal and based on the weight you assign to a number of qualities (eg. walkability, weight, float type, security, and that old nugget 'power transfer' oh yeah!)
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  • you won't go wrong with shimano pedals and shimano or specialized shoes, I have used and owned around 15 pairs of shoes and shimano and specialized are amongst the best - just make sure whatever you get fits!