Ever have those rides that just hurt?

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2nd ride of the year today and from the get go my cadence was all over the place, my knees hurt the cold stung my face, it felt slow and hard, every bump felt like a mountain.

My garmin said otherwise which was nice, thankfully i'm blessed with living in Wiltshire which is pretty much always good riding, but still today just felt hard.

Climbing high and breathing hard I remembered to look around, enjoy the sights and smells, I love cycling even when tough.

But why is it so inconsistent :lol:
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    If it was consistent, cycling in all aspects, the pro sport, just riding for fun etc would be very dull!
  • Am not expecting my first ride of the year to be easy. Only rode twice in December & had flu 2 days before Christmas.
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    First Ride for three weeks yesterday - 56 miles (nothing out of the ordinary for me, although there was a fair bit of climbing (again living here not unusual) which included coming back over Holme Moss (with either a covering of thick frost or light snow). The combination of cold and a recent bout of illness meant I was completely drained when I got in - thank God for the curry that was ready in the oven... :D

    I think you do get bad days and the cold weather will really exaggerate them. I'm just keeping ticking over until the spring....
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    Did my longest ride on the road bike yesterday (im new to road biking) all 52 miles of it,and i have never had leg burn like it,was still in pain 2hrs after the ride......

    Also had ache's in my neck and shoulder's,blisters on each palm from the hoods,its only my 4th time on the bike so im hoping the ache's and pain's will subside as i get more used to the riding style ?

    Well here's hoping anyways.............
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  • I remember what that was like - don't forget to enjoy the buzz when the pain subsides though - the neck pain does go away when the muscles strengthen and the blisters dissapear when the hands harden up - and by then its going to be warmer!!

    Just one questions - why are either my hands OR my feet cold - but not both at the same time???
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    Tell me about it. Due to work commitments i havent cycled at all since last Summer. As a result my weight has gone up from 84Kgs to 93.8 Kgs. Today i did my first ride almost 70 Kms my Lungs felt like they were going to explode, shortness of breath, no speed in the legs. They are signs that i havent been on the bike for the best part of 5 Months.I,ve got a long way to go and luckily my first Sportieve is at the back end of April otherwise i,d be in trouble. In the words of that Famous song title

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    The only way is up
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