Migraine -Which Sunglasses?

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Hi all

I've tried searching on the forums about this, so apologies if I've missed a thread.

I've always suffered from migraines and last summer got back onto my bike to lose some weight. However everytime I went out on my bike I had a migraine. The only trigger for them that is consistant is the bright sunlight.

I've read various articles relating to what sunglasses are best for cycling, some suggest polarized ones, others say adaptalite are best.

Can anyone recommend a pair that will help and say why? Budget is upto about £60.



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    I don't get migraine, but I do get bad heads if I stay out in the sun without sunglasses (hope that makes sense).

    I now use Bolle Viper glasses for less the £10 when out on the bike. And another Bolle pair (£6) with side blinds for walking in the Hills. As you can see i'm a fan of there glasses.

    So long as there's a lot of wrap around the eyes I seem to be OK and as Bolle is dirt cheap I just use them instead of paying a fortune.
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  • Thanks for the quick reply :)

    I'll have a look into those ones.

    Any other recommendations into what sunglasses I could use? Has anyone else suffered from sunlight migraines on rides out?
  • Update:

    Have found these, any body know if these are anygood? Both polarised and chromatic.

    http://www.simplyrun.co.uk/products/acc ... erloo.html