Rebound - What is it for?

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I was wondering, now almost every fork has rebound and I can't understand what it can actually be used for? My fork also has rebound but I never use it. Can anyone tell me an example when rebound can be used?



  • For controlling how fast the fork springs back from compression, or (rebounds)....

    Used generally to stop you getting thrown off after big hits and oer a section with large bumps.... In my experience forks are set to fast and rear shocks slow(er)....
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    Rebound, is the control of the damping of the spring releasing compression, it is what 'shock absorbers' (correct name dampers) do on cars and motorcycle, as in stops them bouncing along :wink:
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    If you didn't have a damper, the wheel would spend it's whole time bouncing on whatever "spring" system it had. The damper absorbs some of that energy. Tuning the amount it absorbs is critical - too much and the damper itself becomes too stiff - too little and you'd get that bounce.

    Now, forces through the wheel are rarely sysmmetrical and you want them to be managed slightly differently. Compression forces are often quite heavy and require more damping than the rebound where you want the wheel to return to the original position quickly ready to take the next impact. With separate controls you are able to tune the suspension to your weight, the surfaces you're riding on and even the ambient temperature.
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  • Rebound is constantly in use, there is no special situation when it is used.

    It controls how fast the fork springs back to fully extended.
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    Rebound control back-to-earth movements of the fork after it is been compressed.generally speaking it is very important-needs to follow contour of the trail properly,so if you want to adjust it,need to do it on trail which you know very well.the more rough stuffs on the trail,the more rebound it is need.but do not overdo it.
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  • Thanks a lot!