freehub bearings gone

campagone Posts: 270
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I bought some cheap, end of line Easton Vista wheels from Chain Reaction last winter for the winter hack, and recently the rear wheel has been playing up. Clicking (more like grinding metal noise at times) coming from the drivetrain.
Thought first it was my bottom bracket new bearings, still noisy, chainring bolts tight, then thought chain, diferent chain same noise etc. Anyhow I'm out on a ride the other day and hapen to look down at the deraileur and when Im pedaling I see the cassette wobbling, so I'm thinking something must be loose. After coming home I set about stripping the hub down, everything is tight!
The freehub came off with the axle still inside and I can grab the freehub and rattle it about on the shaft but I have to hammer the shaft out of the bearing. The freehub spins fine but there is lots of slack in the bearings.
Question is, can I replace just the bearings (heaven knows how because they are pressed in tightly) or do I replace the whole freehub body? And will this R4 ... ette-body/ fit my hub.