Garmin Cadence Sensor

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Hi all,

is the Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor waterproof? (like the main unit is meant to be)?

Because of the position its in on the bike, it'll get quite wet and muddy on my daily commute. Normally I just give my bike a quick spray down with my water bottle when I arrive at my destination to get rid of the rides gunk. Is it ok to do this with the sensor in place?



  • I've never really given it a second thought. I've rinsed mine down numerous times with no problem. I wouldn't be too keen on setting a jet wash upon it though.

    It would be a bit silly if it wasn't waterproof mind
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  • meanredspider
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    +1 mine's been through all sorts of much and wet and been perfectly fine. It would have to be else it'd be useless.
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    mine gets regular drenchings on the road, especially the last few weeks, it stays on the bike year round, never had a problem

    make sure the battery cover is fully locked and it should be fine
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