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What BMX for a 10 year old?

atticaattica Posts: 2,362
My partners son is 10 years old and it's time to get him a new bike, he wants a BMX but which model should I go for?

Budget is minimal but second hand and in poor condition would give me the opportunity to help him get it back into good shape - a learning and bonding type exercise.

At 10 he's still rather slight and may find a bike with huge pegs just too chunky (are they normally removable?). He'd like to start doing a few small jumps, wheelies etc.

So many makes and models out there that I haven't heard of (haven't ridden a BMX in about 25 years :? ) So, can anyone make me a recommendation please.
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  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    Good stunt BMX, lightweight, costs start about 250 quid (new).
    The cheap ones are around 150 quid.

    Biggest Difference between cheap and good is the weight; this makes a huge difference in terms of how easy & enjoyable they are to ride. So in theory you could put the kid off completely by starting out with a cheap one.

    That said, plenty of kids are pretty happy with their heavy cheap ones.

    I got my 10yo a cheap one in quite good nick out of the paper (I put a wanted notice in the FreeAds) for 25 quid. My son has ridden it about three times in last 6 months, so really, that was the right choice for us! He has a lovely road bike for longer distances, but got beat up at the local skate park, or I think he would have used the BMX more by now. I'm pretty sure he'll come back to it in later years; they are pretty much one size fits all.

    A cheap (heavy) one, some small 10yos may struggle to ride them at all.

    An expensive one is at high risk of getting nicked, especially at places like skate parks.

    If you buy 2nd hand, check it carefully. Make sure the brakes work, that the headset is tight, bottom bracket is not loose, wheels not far off of perfectly true. Unless it's a lightweight frame with good wheels, then you can afford to put money into all the bits and pieces.

    Gyro can be bought and installed separately -- but not very cheaply.
    Stunt pegs are cheap enough to add later, and I wouldn't worry about at first. They aren't that heavy compared to the rest of a cheap BMX.

    Mongoose, Kona, Haro, GT are among the top brands ("good" bmx, if you can get one 2nd hand, but not all are that lightweight). If buying on Ebay ask them how much it weighs before you bid! I saw an old Mongoose that needed some work go for about 70 quid on Ebay.
    Raleigh would probably be okay, too.

    I've read repeatedly that Ammaco is pants, and maybe avoid Apollo (Halford's make), too, unless it's a bargain price.

    hth. Hanging out at the local skate park is a good place to see what people are using.
  • what is the budget?
    its also worth noting his size. at 10, he may find a full size bmx a litttle long in the reach. try and find one with a 19.5" top tube instead of the 20/21" full size ones. the geometry will be a little better suited if he is small.
    take a look at the dirty range by dawes, i think the smaller model is called the groundhog and is around the £200 mark.
    ring the local bike shop and see what they have. we have a bmx specialist called cottingham cycles up here who do part exchanges and are a wealth of knowledge.

    ammaco,concept, rooster and big daddy are heavy and rubbish. dont set foot in tesco or argos!
    hope that helps a little.
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