Raleigh Winner BB, help needed

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I've got an old Raleigh Winner (I'm the original owner) and about 2 years back I SS'd it for commuting duties. All good so far but now it's in need of some TLC on the BB. I think after 23 years its due a new one so I'm happy to replace but does anyone know what BB I need to be looking at for it?


  • Well, bb shells can have Italian or English threads. And with a raleigh you can safely assume English.

    Second, bottom bracket axles come in different lengths. Measure up the old one with calipers, or take it to a good bike shop so that they can do it.

    Thirdly, bb axles are available with two types of taper - a European (ISO) type or a Japanes (JIS) type. The type of chainset determines what type of taper you need. For example, an Italian or UK-made chainset will need an axle with an ISO taper, but one from the Far East will most likely be JIS.

    Spa Cycles is a good place to buy one from. Tell them the frame type and the chainset type and they will probably tell you waht lenght you need.

    Most bottom brackets these days are of the cartridge type.

    And you need special tools to both remove the cranks and replace the BB.
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    Cranks have been replaced and I have tools to remove modern BBs so my mechanical knowhow isn't the issue, it's the parts. My problem is I read that Raleigh bikes of a certain era use a specific thread type but I don't know whether this was across the range or not.
  • A 1980s Raleigh isn't really going to be anything different from a standard 68mm English threaded BB.

    If it were 1880s, then it might be something else.