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Isn't this fun?

PigtailPigtail Posts: 424
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I got my road bike about two months ago and it hasn't been out for a month because of the snow and roads. I got a lot of new gear for Christmas and have been desperate to give it a go.

This morning I got up early to go to the gym - only to find it was closed. I went home and decided to throw caution to the winds and take the bike out.

So all kitted out I got about 3 miles when my back tyre started thumping, I tried to stop to look and only managed to unclip one foot then toppled over onto the kerb. I chickened out and phoned my wife to come and collect me. I then spent about an hour and a half cleaning everything and repairing my puncture. It's unbelievable how dirty everything became in such a short time. I guess I'm now in the market for better tyres - possibly gatorskins.

Some positives though; I got a set of Helly Hansen 'dry' base layers for £30 and I'm really impressed with how warm and comfortable they were. One of the road shoes may need the cleat adjusted, it didn't feel quite right, but apart from that they were quite a revelation.

So all-in-all a modest setback rather than a major catastrophe.



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    WRT the puncture - Depends on the tyre pressure, watching where you're going and luck. When I first started riding I got a puncture almost every ride. Now I get them a lot less often.

    Stick at it, just wait till the summer, it's brill!!
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,071
    you'll get more punctures in the wet, seems to lubricate the sharp bits

    i had two the day before last, really annoying, but the first for ages, one looked like a pefectly formed neolithic arrow head that embedded itself in the tyre, the second i never found it, in both cases it was when i foolishly went onto the dirty inside of curves

    a pair of disposible mechanics glove (nitrile ones) in the saddle bag keeps hands clean/warm when repairing on the road

    rides the last few days have left everything coated in black gundge, just need to hose it off before it dries, the roads were drier today, heavenly :-)

    NapD is spot on, roll on summer!
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    I would have ridden home 3 miles, depending on what wheels were fitted :wink:
  • Most people have a few topples while they're getting used to cleats, so don't worry.

    You will get punctures, so you may as well get used to fixing them at the roadside. Should only take c. 5 minutes to fix - if you have the stuff with you!

    Hang on in there - you'll get a ride soon.
  • It might be an idea to slacken off the tension on the pedals to help you unclip easily, particularly.whilst getting used to them. For very puncture proof tyres try Schwalbe Marathons and keep the pressure up.
  • JamieWJamieW Posts: 114
    +1 to NapD's summer.... do we get one next year???

    been out last 2 days and its been a full wash and re-lube job both days. managed to snap a spoke too :( i too had to phone the mrs to pick me up. was 15 miles from home when it went and got to LBS. I think that the guys in a certain congleton bike shop were really happy to have a filthy broken looking wheel left with them.... still dripping road cac.

    anyways, it is fun!!! may i suggest conti gatorskins if u looking for new tyres. i have riddden several thousand miles with only couple of punctures.

    bring on next year and hope the riding gets more successful for ya
  • twotyredtwotyred Posts: 822
    I then spent about an hour and a half cleaning everything and repairing my puncture. It's unbelievable how dirty everything became in such a short time. I guess I'm now in the market for better tyres - possibly gatorskins.

    I think you should also be in the market for a couple of mudguards too
  • PigtailPigtail Posts: 424
    Well thanks for all the advice guys. I managed 32 miles today - without any punctures. I didn't fall off either, though I was on a country road so didn't really have to unclip very much. The temperature was hovering around zero, there was a lot of climbing involved and I had a headwind much of the way. So it will never break any records, but it felt good.

    Roads were much cleaner - not nearly so much crud. I'n beginning to understand why people put dry miles only in second-hand bike adverts.
  • Helly hansen gear is great and warm! Got my Dry base layer maybe five years ago when i was playing football and now i use it cycling and running. As good as the day i got it!

    I have Skins which aren't really warm (but have other benefits) and underarmour which is great when its like siberian weather but the HH is definitely my favourite. Even bought my GF it for her birthday with skins leggings and pair of blueseventy googles (the ones for the pool) she reckons its all great gear.
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