chainset advice - giant tcx 2

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i have a giant tcx 2 which has, i believe, a 36/42 chainrings. I use it for commuting over rough ground and country lanes.

If I put race tyres on my bike, would the gears be too small/ too low?

Previously I had a Giant Defy 3 and I always felt that the top gear was too small so my legs would spin when i feel I could have pedalled.

If the gears are too low, what size would you recomend for triathlon racing (my budget means I can't have a second road bike so i would have to convert my crosser)



  • It is almost impossible for anyone to answer this, because it depends on your riding style, fitness and the terrain you ride in. When for example when in pan flat Manchester I can use a 53/39 chainset, but when I was living in much hillier Yorkshire a 50/34 compact was better.

    The cassette naturally has a big impact on gearing and swapping a cassette with a 12t smallest sprocket to a 11t one has a bigger impact than moving up several teeth on your chainset and its much cheaper too.

    I now find a compact 50/34 with a 11-25t cassette is the most versatile set up for me, but it is all dependant upon circumstances.
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    On the occassions I've ridden a cross bike in the road with 36/46 chainrings i was under-geared for long, fast downhills and the odd 50kph 'sprints' - everything else was fine. If planning to use if for fast road work (with suitable tyres) I'd simply fit a 50 tooth chainring - +an 11 tooth sprocket is more than adequate for most. For most races apart from the 'hilly' ones I find the 50 tooth chainring ideal - means it just stays there for the whole ride. If you want to go faster, learn to pedal quicker!
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