Serious foot pain!

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After experiencing severe pain in the ball of my foot I have been told I have either a Morton's Neuroma or Metatarsalgia have been told that I need orthotics. I have not been able to get out riding for 6 weeks!!
Is there anyone out there that has this condition, if so what can I do to get back on my bike? My cycling shoes cause incredible pain after only a short time. Does anyone know of some off the peg insoles that I can use to ease the pain? Do they make extra wide cycling shoes?
Any help would be much appreciated! I'm desperate!

Dennis :(


  • If it is that bad, drop NapD a PM, he knows a shop that do customer soles for you (and only about £50)

    Money & trip well spent if your getting pain, and you will kick yourself if you spend £30 on some off the peg ones that dont do anything to help the pain.
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    really would be best to get professional assessment to see if it's footbeds and/or different shoes and/or something else that you need

    if you really want to try off the peg i'd go for specialized's bg footbeds, they have a 'metatarsal button' that is supposed to help avoid nerve compression - if you don't need extra arch support get the red (+) ones, otherwise blue (++) has more arch support, there are also shims in the pack, and instructions for self-assessment for fitting

    what shoes are you using? if you can feel the cleat through the sole when you stand then might be worth geting some stiffer shoes - mine are so stiff that i can't even tell there's a cleat there
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    It can also be bad cleat position. I used to get sore calf muscles until I changed my cleat position. See ... _final.pdf - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    Had the same exact problem and was looking at giving up cycling and possibly changing careers since I'm on my feet all day. Tried various insoles, padding, custom orthotics, changing cleat postition, different brands of pedals. I finally tried some wider shoes and amazingly the pain in the ball of my foot has been entirely eliminated 99% of the time. Not the cure for everyone of course, but worth looking into. Northwave, Specialized and a few others have wider than average shoes and many other mfrs. offer wide versions but don't advertise them. Best to check the mfrs websites for wide sizes and email them if you don't see any offered.
  • I would echo the comments in the last post - it is maybe your shoes. A lot of cycling shoes have Italian-style narrow fitting, and of course most of them these days are made with non-stretch uppers. I can't help but think that some old style leather shoes in a wide fitting might be worth a try.

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    I was plagued with a foot problem for months to the point of having to use a crutch to walk. Seriously hampered my cycling. After x-rays, examination by a foot specialist who initially diagnosed cuboid tunnel syndrome, and an MRI scan it has been revealed as................a ganglian caused by a combination of too tight shoes and too much exercise. Now where's that bible.
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  • Thanks for all the replies folks! Gonna try some new shoes I think, with some insoles. Just been out for a three hour ride in trainers with toe clips! The only way I can get out!
    Happy New Year to all