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Garmin 800 Course Question

badhorsybadhorsy Posts: 107
edited December 2010 in Road beginners
Hi all,

just got a new Garmin 800. It's awesome.

I'm trying to get my head around how courses work. What is the difference between a .gpx and .tcx file? Which should I be using?
I've been using bikeroutetoaster to create some nice rides and I get the option to save in both formats.

With the tcx file, it seems to include *more* information. At least, when I open up the tcx file under 'courses' on my Garmin, and move to the third page, it gives me a list of directions (straights, turns etc).
Interestingly, if I try to create a new course on the Garmin (from a previous ride), I don't seem to get the same list of directions!

What is the best way to do all of this stuff?


  • ben16vben16v Posts: 296
    gotta be female this thing - does loads of tricks if you push the right buttons!!!
    tcx is the garmin training centre filename and will include info like course point ie turns at junctions which is compatible with the 800 - if you try the navigate to option it will give yoy tcx like options but the gpx is more of a generic file which will work with other gps units so only has an end point so wont give turn by turn
    also tcx is better at recalculating a route and not just sending you home
    this is as far as i can tell the difference but i dont know if the update has made a difference
    only had a few hours to play so far
    i need more bikes
  • NerrepNerrep Posts: 112
    If exported from the right place (e.g. bikeroutetoaster) GPXs can contain turn-by-turn directions; or at least they can on my 705. As for the actual difference? No idea, but I know GPX seems to work so I'm sticking with it :D
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