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Companion wanted for MTB rides leading to TransWales attempt

slow riderslow rider Posts: 2
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I'm new to this Forum, and quite new to Mountain Bikes (only been on a bike for a couple of years), but its almost new years resolution time, so here is mine.

I've decided that I might have a go at the Trans Wales next summer, I also intend to complete some other MTB marathon serries events, the Rough Ride, and a few of the Evans “Ride It” events as part of my preparation for the Trans Wales. And I'm looking for some company

Last year I completed a handful of MTB marathon events and the Rough Ride, I always finished, but I am always one of the slower riders towards the back of the field. Last year was the first year in which I had tried any of these longer distance events, I am not a vastly experienced rider, nor am I good at technically challenging sections. For me an attempt at the Trans Wales will be about simply trying to complete the course rather than competing. Trying 7 long rides on consecutive days will be a real step up for me so I need to get some practice in.

I do not know anyone else who is intending to do these events in 2011. If anyone else is thinking of having a go at any of these events and would like to meet up for some Midlands based training rides, or If anybody is already expecting to take part in these events and would like meet up at the event, please get in touch. I'm male, in my late 30's, based near Northampton, and I can offer transport for myself and up to two other people with bikes. :lol:

Here are the links to the events I'm thinking of (although I can not make it to all of the "ride it" events I intend to do all the others)

Trans Wales info:

MTB marathon Serries info:

Rough Ride info:

Evans Ride It info :
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